What kinds of tablets are supported by HarmoniMD?

HarmoniMobile is an app that currently runs on Android-based tablets. Here in our office, HarmoniMobile is currently running on Samsung, Lenovo, and Acer tablets, among other brands.  We recommend purchasing tablets with a good camera autofocus feature for ease of use when reading QR codes. The Android operating system ideally should be the current release or within the past 2-3 releases.

Can HarmoniMobile be used over cell networks?

Yes. HarmoniMobile is optimized to be used over cell networks. This adds a layer of access for physicians outside of the hospital environment from any cell or wifi connection and also provides a backup to internet service. We are happy to advise clients on compatible selections for wifi specifications.

Will my patient data be secure?

Yes. HarmoniMobile provides the highest level of security currently available for sensitive patient data. This includes multi-level verification of users, encryption, and activity monitoring.

Is HarmoniMobile available in other languages?

HarmoniMobile is available in Spanish and will soon be available in French.

What if my hospital budget is small, can we afford HarmoniMobile?

We will examine your facility’s needs and determine if HarmoniMobile and HarmoniMD can help your hospital be more profitable. Our misison is to improve world health through mobile cloud computing and we take this mission very seriously.

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